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Distribution of Population in Rural – Urban areas

According to 2001 Census the total population of Kadapa district stands at 2,601,797 with 1,318,093 males and 1,283,704 females. The district stands at 18th rank in the state as far as population is concerned.   Out of the total population of the district 2,014,044 persons constituting 77.41% are residing in rural areas and the remaining 587,753 persons (22.59%) are residing in urban …

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Kadapa (Cuddapah) is considered one of the backward and perhaps also one of the most remotely situated districts of the State. One hardly realises that the tract covered by the district carries the foot prints of some of the most illustrious rulers of South India. Tipu Sultan, Haidar Ali, Sivaji, Krishnadevaraya, Pratap Rudra are some of the names associated with …

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BNHS completes research on ‘Jerdon’s Courser’

Andhra Pradesh Forest Department and BNHS have prepared a Species Recovery Plan for the protection of this critically endangered bird that is found only in Kadapa (YSR) district of Andhra Pradesh and nowhere else in the world..     Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) has successfully completed 25 years of monitoring of the rare ground bird – Jerdon’s Courser – that …

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శత వసంతాలు పూర్తి చేసుకున్నకడప రామకృష్ణమఠం!

కడప :  శ్రీరామకృష్ణ మిషన్‌ నగర కేంద్రం ఈ ఏడాదితో వంద సంవత్సరాలు పూర్తిచేసుకుని శతాబ్ది ఉత్సవాలకు సిద్ధమైంది. నగరం నడిబొడ్డున ఉన్న శ్రీరామకృష్ణ మిషన్‌ రాయలసీమలో మొదటిది. పశ్చిమ బెంగాల్‌ హౌరా రాష్ట్రంలోని బేలూరు మఠం కేంద్రంగా ప్రపంచ వ్యాప్తంగా నడుస్తున్న 170 శాఖలలో కడప రామకృష్ణ సమాజం

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Funds crunch bogs down YVU development

 Kadapa: Yogi Vemana University, the brainchild of the late chief minister Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy, is at present hit by severe fund crunch, though the varsity remained at the forefront in matters of academics before the demise of the leader. The callous attitude of the government and the people’s representatives of the district have further bogged down the spirit …

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bommireddy narasimha reddy

Padmabhushan Dr. Bommireddy Narasimha Reddy, popularly known as ‘BN Reddy’ holds a special place in the history of Telugu Cinema. He is the director who balances artistic values and business needs in the right proportion. A commemorative postal stamp on  BN Reddy was released by the Department of Posts, Government of India on the occasion of the Centenary Celebrations of Dr. …

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Rayachoty – A Major Town of the Kadapa District

Rayachoti is the headquarters of the constituency and it is one of the major towns of Kadapa district. Rayachoti is well connected to Bangalore by road and is at a distance of 180 km. From old inscriptions it is clear that the original name was Raja-vTdu (Rachaveedu) or the ” king’s dwelling-place; ” but the early history of the village …

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charles philip brown

CHARLES PHILIP BROWN, popularly known as C.P.Brown was the first Ideologist to publish Telugu classics with commentaries. He collected large number of palm-leaf manuscripts from remote corners of the Telugu country. He had in his pay about 20 pandits in transcribing native authors, in preparing correct editions, in framing indexes and commentaries. By providing much needed historical and rational outlook, he …

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• Kadapa District stands 7th in terms of area size and ranks 18th in terms of population in the state. • Kadapa district stands 15th rank in terms of urbanization with a total urban population 5,87,753 forming 22.59 percentages to the total district population. • The sex ratio of the district is 974 against 955 in 1991 Census showing increase …

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