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Kadapa fire stations
A Fire Engine in action at Proddatur (File Pic)

Kadapa Fire Stations – Telephone Directory

Kadapa District Fire stations Telephone Directory. The activities of the Fire stations and staff are mainly connected with fire prevention, fire fighting, Rescue Activities and Disaster response. It is a humanitarian service dedicated to the saving of life and property and available to public at all times.

Rescue Services include activities like rail road accidents,drowinng incidents, building collapses, animal rescue attended by department.

District level Special Task Force (trained team of 15 members) located at Kadapa to immediately respond to any emergency with specialized equipment like Hydraulic cutters, spreaders, Etc..

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One can reach to Fire services department using dialin number 101

District Fire Officer, Mobile : 9949991068, Office Phone : 08562-241739, E-Mail : [email protected]

Asst.District Fire Officer, Mobile : 9949991069, Office Phone : 08562-241739, E-Mail : [email protected]

Kadapa District - Fire Stations

Fire StationAddressPhone NumberMobile No.
KadapaKadapa Fire Station, D.No. 21/68, M.R.O. Office Compound, Near Seven Roads,08562-2422999963737191
ProddaturProddatur Fire Station, D.No. 3/1258-D, M.R.O. Office Compound, Proddatur – 516 360.08564-2529999963737486
JammalamaduguJammalamadugu Fire Station, D.No. 1/874, Near Sai Baba Temple. Muddanur Road, Jammalamadugu – 516 434.08560-2700999963737395
PulivendulaPulivendula Fire Station, D.No. 2/6/30, Near Sub Jail, Sion Puram, Pulivendula – 516 390.08568-2861779963737552
RayachotyRayachoty Fire Station, Medar Street, Near Muslim Shadi Mahal, Rayachoty – 516 269.08561-2510999963737253
RajampetRajampet Fire Station, D.No. 4/218, Near M.R.O. Office, Rajampet – 516 115.08565-2402999963479554
KamalapuramKamalapuram Fire Station, D.No. 14/343, M.R.O. Office Complex, KAMALAPURAM – 516 289.08563-2742509963737598
Railway KodurRailway Kodur Fire Station, Near M.R.O. Office, RAILWAY KODUR – 516 101.08566-2440999963879126
BadvelBadvel Fire Station, D.No. 11/465, Siddout Road, Sumithra Nagar, BADVEL – 516 227.08569-2840999963737553
MydukurMydukur Fire Station, D. No. 10-4-573, Williams Nagar, Badvel Road, MYDUKUR – 516 172.08564-2031019963737634
LakkireddypalliLakkireddy Palli Fire Station, D.No. 2/109, Ramapuram Road, LAKKIREDDY PALLI – 516 257.08567-2341999963737731
PorumamillaPorumamilla Fire Station, D.No. 14/147, M.R.O. Office Complex, PORUMAMILLA – 516 193.08569-2103109963737637
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