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Distribution of Population in Rural – Urban areas

Census 2011According to 2001 Census the total population of Kadapa district stands at 2,601,797 with 1,318,093 males and 1,283,704 females. The district stands at 18th rank in the state as far as population is concerned.


Out of the total population of the district 2,014,044 persons constituting 77.41% are residing in rural areas and the remaining 587,753 persons (22.59%) are residing in urban areas. The proportion of urban to total population regarded as an index of urbanization is 22.59% for kadapa district. Corresponding to state figure of 27.30%. Average number of towns for 100 inhabited villages in the district is 1.37%.

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In kadapa district there are 51 mandals with 954 villages. Among these, 876 are inhabited villages and the remaining 78 villages are uninhabited. The average number of inhabited villages per mandal is 17. In terms of population kadapa mandal occupies 1st place with 10.31% of ditrict population while B.Kodur mandal reported least population i.e. 19450 accounting 0.75% of the district population.


Kondapuram mandal is having more villages (38) including 4 un-inhabited villages. Next comes Porumamilla mandal with 31 villages including 5 uninhabited villages.

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kadapa mandal is the smallest mandal with 3 villages and all of them are inhabited villages. The urban population is distributed among 12 urban units of which 2 are statutory towns.


The average size of an urban centre in the district works out to 48,979 persons. Proddatur Municipality has largest population (150,309) whereas Veparala (CT) is thesmallest town with a population of (6,616). There is no town in the district which has less than 5000 population.

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