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kadapa district

Kadapa district is said to be the heart of the Rayalaseema as it is centrally located and well connected with the four districts of Rayalaseema.The old records of the district reveal that Kadapa previously called Gadapa which means in Telugu language threshold. The ancient village of Kadapa with its large tank and temple of Lord Venkateswara at Devuni Kadapa was …

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YSR district acquired a unique record with 3 IPS officers

Kadapa: YSR district now acquired a unique record of having three IPS officers, including the Superintendent of Police. Congress government posted young IPS officer Vikram Jeet Duggal in Pulivendula on 10th January, in what is being seen as a bid to keep a tab on Kadapa former MP Y S Jaganmohan Reddy ahead of the impending bypolls. Kartikeya, an IPS …

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శత్రు దుర్భేద్యమైన గండికోట

ఆయనకు ఆ స్థలం బాగా నచ్చింది. ఆ కొండ కోట నిర్మాణానికి ఎంతో అనువుగా ఉందనీ, అక్కడ కోటను నిర్మిస్తే ఆ చుట్టు పక్కల గ్రామం వెలసి సుసంపన్నంగా, ఎంతో వైభవంగా కళకళలాడుతుందనీ జ్యోతిష్కులు శెలవిచ్చారు. దాంతో కాకమహారాజులు అక్కడ కోటను నిర్మించాలని అనుకున్నాడు. వైకుంఠశుద్ధ పంచమి రోజున కోట నిర్మాణానికి శంకుస్థాపన జరిపాడు. అతితక్కువ వ్యవధిలోనే అక్కడ గండికోట ఆవిర్భవించి దుర్భేద్యమైన కోటగా పేరు తెచ్చుకుంది.

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Gandikota Fort


Gandikota is a small village (Lat. 140 47? N. and Long. 780 16?S.) on the Right Bank of the river Pennar, in Jammalamadugu taluk of Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh. Here lies the famous fort of Gandikota, which acquired its name obviously due to the gorge, formed between the Erramalai range of hills, also known as Gandikota hills and the river …

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Jammalamadugu – A major Town of Kadapa District

Jammalamadugu (Telugu: జమ్మలమడుగు) one of the major towns of Kadapa district, with a population of 90,502 of which males constitute 49% and females 51%. Jammalamadugu has an average literacy rate of 64%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 74%, and female literacy is 54%. In Jammalamadugu, 11% of the population is under 6 years of age. This …

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Castes and Tribes in Kadapa District – During 20th Century


Among the castes first in numerical importance are the Kapus (Reddi community), who are the principal landowners of the Deccan. They constitute nearly one-fourth of the total population of the district, and consist of many sub-divisions. Of these the Pedakanti, Motati, Kodide and Pokanati Kapus are chiefly found in the taluks of Jammalamadugu, Proddatur, Pulivendla, Kadapa and Kamalapuram ; while …

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