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File photo : Rajendranath taking charge as Andhrapradesh DGP

Former DGP Rajendra Appointed as Printing and Stationery Commissioner in Post-Election Reshuffle

Amid Chandrababu Naidu’s Alleged Retaliatory Moves

Kadapa, June 20 : In a controversial move that has raised eyebrows across the political spectrum, newly-elected Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu govt has appointed former DGP Rajendranath Reddy as the Printing and Stationery Commissioner. The decision, announced shortly after the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) secured victory in the recent state elections, is being widely interpreted as a signal to those IPS officers who investigated TDP-linked atrocities and corruption charges during the previous YSR Congress Party (YCP) regime.

Rajendranath Reddy, who previously served as the Director General of Police, played a significant role in overseeing investigations into various allegations of misconduct and corruption involving TDP members during the tenure of YCP’s Jagan Mohan Reddy. His new assignment to the relatively obscure Printing and Stationery department is seen by many as a demotion and a clear message to the police force.

Achievements and Service Record

Rajendranath Reddy’s tenure as DGP was marked by several significant achievements that underscored his commitment to law enforcement and public safety. Under his leadership, the Andhra Pradesh police force made substantial progress in reducing crime rates, improving response times, and enhancing community policing initiatives. He was instrumental in the successful implementation of numerous high-tech surveillance and crime prevention programs, earning accolades for modernizing the state’s law enforcement capabilities.

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One of Reddy’s notable accomplishments was the crackdown on organized crime and illegal activities, including a comprehensive drive against drug trafficking and cybercrime. His efforts led to the dismantling of several major criminal networks, significantly improving the security environment in the state. Additionally, Reddy’s focus on police welfare and training initiatives helped boost morale and efficiency within the force.

Political Ramifications

The backdrop to this appointment is the ongoing legal battle faced by Chandrababu Naidu, who was recently arrested on charges related to a skill development scam. The scandal, which involves the alleged embezzlement of funds meant for improving youth employability, has been a focal point of controversy, with Naidu and his supporters vehemently denying any wrongdoing and labeling the charges as politically motivated.

Adding to the political intrigue, then CID Director General Suneel Kumar and senior officer Kolli Raghuramireddy, both key members of the investigation team probing TDP-related atrocities and corruption, have also been attached to the DGP office. This move is perceived as an effort to sideline officers who played crucial roles in investigating allegations against TDP members.

Furthermore, during the recent elections, the Election Commission of India (ECI) transferred Rajendranath Reddy following complaints from the TDP regarding his conduct. This transfer was seen as a response to allegations that he was biased against the TDP, further complicating the political dynamics surrounding his reassignment.

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Political analysts suggest that Naidu’s decision to reassign Rajendranath Reddy, along with the attachment of Suneel Kumar and Kolli Raghuramireddy to the DGP office, is a strategic move aimed at neutralizing key figures who were instrumental in the corruption investigations against the TDP. “This reshuffle is more than just a routine administrative change. It’s a calculated step to send a message to the bureaucracy,” said a senior political commentator.

Supporters of the YCP have condemned the move, accusing Naidu of attempting to settle scores with officials who upheld the law. “This is blatant retaliation. Rajendranath Reddy was just doing his duty. Reassigning him to a less influential position is an act of vendetta,” a YCP spokesperson stated.

In contrast, TDP representatives argue that the reshuffle is part of normal administrative procedures following a change in government. They assert that Reddy’s new role will help streamline operations in the Printing and Stationery department, which is critical for the state’s logistical needs.

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Future Implications

As the investigation progresses, the reassignment of key figures like Rajendranath Reddy, Suneel Kumar, and Kolli Raghuramireddy is likely to fuel further speculation and debate. Critics argue that the move undermines the integrity of the police force and could have a chilling effect on officers tasked with probing corruption and political crimes.

The appointment also raises questions about the future of the skill development scam investigation. With Reddy sidelined, there are concerns about potential interference and bias in the ongoing probe. Observers are keenly watching how these developments will influence the political and administrative landscape of Andhra Pradesh.

DGP Rajendranath Reddy’s reassignment to the Printing and Stationery Commissioner’s office, along with the attachment of CID Director General Suneel Kumar and senior officer Kolli Raghuramireddy to the DGP office following Chandrababu Naidu’s electoral victory, is viewed as a retaliatory move against those who pursued corruption charges during the YCP regime. This reshuffle, occurring amidst the high-profile skill development scam case, underscores the tense and highly charged political climate in Andhra Pradesh. Rajendranath Reddy’s commendable service record and achievements, coupled with his controversial transfer during the elections, make this reassignment all the more contentious and significant.

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