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Kadapa Shilparamam

Kadapa Shilparamam, a crafts village, conceived in the year 2009, is situated near RIMS hospital. Sprawling over 72 acres of land in Kadapa city of India. Shilparamam gives a scenic ambience of tradition and cultural heritage. For promotion and preservation of Indian arts and crafts and to motivate the artisans, the state government established this platform.

Enchanting the blend of arts and artifact, epitomizing the true legacy with the dsiverse natural beauty of rural India; Shilparamam is tribute to Andhra Pradesh. Exhibiting the rustic richness and creativity of Rayalaseema, it has captivated the imagination of visitors.

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The lush and serene environment of Shilparamam is sculpted with woodwork, jewellry, cloths and local crafts of each region of the country. Showcasing a plethora of artistic ethos, Shilparamam is set amidst gardens, cascading waterfalls and natural hills.

Shiparamam Arts, Crafts and Cultural Society built at a cost of Rs. 12 crores. An amphi theatre (traditional ‘kala vedika’) constructed in the first phase.

The amphi theatre can accommodate an audience of 1,500 persons. A multi-purpose function hall also built for marriages and traditional ceremonies.

Shilparamam - Kadapa
Entrance of Shilparamam

An art gallery, food courts and lawns are completed. A boats club, artistic and shopping complex constructions are ready.

Products manufactured by rural artisans would be exhibited and sold in the shilparamam.

Phone Numbers :

+91 – 9440222876

+91 – 9985158179

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