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Tangutur Is a Village in Rajupalem Mandal of YSR District, of Andhra Pradesh and is situated on the banks of the river Kundhu. This Village has So Many Cultural Temples Like Sivalayam, Loard Venu Gopala Swamy Temple. It comprises of several communities. Agriculture is principle occupation of the people in this village.

Tangutur (Rajupalem Mandal)

Tangutur (Telugu : టంగుటూరు) is a Village in Rajupalem Mandal of YSR District of Andhra Pradesh and is located on the banks of the river Kundhu. It comprises of several communities, among which Reddys & Golla (Yadava) are predominent in numbers. This Village has many Cultural Temples Like Sivalayam, Loard Venu Gopala Swamy Temple.


There  is a ZPHSchool (upto class x) and 3 government elementary schools exists in this village.


Gangamma Jatara & Peerla Festival are celebrated once in every year. Every year May 6th is the day for Gangamma Jatara. Gangamma is a village godess.

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Reddys (Banka, BhoomiReddy, BayapuReddy, Kakarla, Kachana, Dhanreddy, Lakkireddy, Gona, Guvvala, Rachamreddy) Golla(Angadala, Nandyala etc.) Dudekula (Gutti, Patan etc.)

Population : 4000

Crops cultivated :

Paddy, Turmeric, Cotton, Groundnut, Jonna, Noogu, Sunflower, Karbhuja (dosa)

Temples :

Siva, Venugopal Swamy and Hanuman Temple

No of Houses : 800


Hindus(Reddys (Motati), Yadavs, Kummari, Mala, Madiga, Dudekula, Boya, Chakali, Mangali, Sale), Muslims, Christians

Postal Address :

Pin Code:516359

Personalities :

B Ranga Reddy – Doctor
B Madhaveelata – Doctor
B Gopal Reddy – Eye specialist, Nandyal
E Narasimha Reddy – S/w Engineer
G Lakshmi Narasayya – Railways
Nagamuneyya – BSNL
B Naresh Reddy – S/w Engineer
R Niranjan Reddy – Finance Manager
R Chandrasekhar Reddy – Pharma
G Sreenivasul Reddy – Pharma
D Viswanadh Reddy – Ex Sarpanch
D Veera Reddy – Ex Chairman, Proddatur Market yard

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How to Reach Tangutur :

Proddatur –> Korrapadu –> Rajupalem –> Ayyavaripalle –> Tanguturu

Nearest Town :

Proddatur (19 KM)

Submitted by :

B Naresh Reddy (8608349034)

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