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Palugurallapalle (B.Matam-Mandal)

Palugurallapalle (Telugu: పలుగురాళ్ళపల్లి or పలుగురాళ్ళపల్లె or Palugurallapalli) or Swethapashana Puram  is a Village in B.Matam Mandal of YSR (Kadapa) District and is a Grama Panchayat. It is Situated on the right bank of the river Sagileru on Porumamilla -Kadapa road at a distance of 12 miles to the north – west of Badvel and 39 miles from Kadapa city. This is the birthplace of Sreemad abhinavoddanda Vidyanarasimha  Bharathee swamy, the head of pushpagiri Peetam.

The total population of the village is 4,531, according to census 2001 and it is made up of the following   Communities: Caste Hindus – Brahmin, Kapu (Reddys), Balija, Chakali (washerman), Golla, Achari; Scheduled Castes; Scheduled Tribes ; Muslims and Christians. The chief means of livelihood of the people are agriculture and other traditional occupations.

There exists a ZPHS & MP elementary school in this village.

There is a mutt at this village in the name of  Sri Govinda Swamy  is one among those precious institutions in the country to carry out activities of Hindu-Veda-Dharma and this was established by Sri Sri Sri Yadati Guru Govinda Swamy in 16th Century.

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Govinda Swamy :

Govinda Swamy

Govindaswami, a saintly Brahman who performed many miracles during his lifetime.’ Astone Sivalingam is installed on his Samadhi. Narmadeswaraswamy temple constructed by Yadati  Narasaiah, a descendent of Govindaswamy ,and containing a stone Sivalingam adjoins the temple of Govindaswamy .

A curious story is told to the effect in Kadapa District gazette, during Britisher’s regime that the swami in one of his journeyings came to  Mydukuru where the Collector was holding jamabandi. While there he was observed by the Collector to wring his hands vehemently. On the Collector asking him to explain this unaccountable action the saint replied that the screen of Varadarajaswami at Conjeeveram was being burned.

The Collector there upon wrote to the Collector of Chengelput (Now part of Tamilandu) and enquired if any such thing had happened, and received a reply to the effect that the event had actually occurred at the time the swami had spoken of it.

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The Collector of Kadapa, it is said, appreciated the powers of the swami so highly that he gave him an inam of three acres in Dorasanipalle, a hamlet of Rameswaram in Proddatur taluk.

During Britisher’s period Palugurallapalle used to be the headquarters of a revenue inspector. It used to be an important outstation of the Kalasapad Mission. Its church, which is a stone building with a roof of Mangalore tiles, was dedicated by the Bishop of Madras in 1904.

Personalities :

  • Sreemad abhinavoddanda Vidyanarasimha Bharathee swamy – Head, Pushagiri Peetham
  • Cheppali Subrahmanya Sarma – S/w Engineer
  • C.V Subbaiah – S.E(Rtd.)Telugu ganga Project(minor Irrigation)
  • C.Nagaraja Sarma (Sr Congress Politician)
  • C Venkateswarlu (Teacher)
  • Govinda Rao (Journalist)
  • Obulesh (Police)
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Postal Address :

Paluguralla Palli (Post & Village),
B.Mattam (Mandal),
Badvel (Taluk),
Y.S.R District
PIN – 516503

Castes : Brahmin, Reddy, Balija, Golla, Chakali , Aachari, Mala, Madiga, Christians, Muslims

No of Houses : Around 1000

Population : 4531

Temples : Govinda Swami Temple, Ramalayam , Shivalayam and Church

Govindaswamy Temple (Photo: ObulaReddy Tavva)

Story behind the Name:

The village has four tanks, of which the two larger have good catchment areas and irrigate fairly large ayacuts ; but the soils are on the whole very poor, abounding in deleterious salts and palugu raallu,^ the revalence of which presumably gave the village its name. Palugurallu are griunded into powder and mixed with salt earth in the manufacture of common black bangles.

Surnames : Cheppali, Madiraju

How to Reach Paluguralla Palli :

Nearest Town : Mydukur (32 KM)

Directions : Mydukur –> Onipenta –> Mallepalle –> Chenchayyagaripalle –> Palugurallapalle

Basic Information reported by:  Subrahmanya Sarma C (9989890242 )

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