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SiddaReddygari Palli

SiddaReddygari Palli (Chakrayapeta Mandal)

SiddareddygariPalli (Telugu : సిద్దారెడ్డిపల్లి) is a village in Chakrayapet Mandal of Kadapa (YSR) District and is part of Errabommanapalli Grama Panchayat. It is situated on the banks of River Papaghni and is on Kadiri – Pulivendula state highway, at a distance of 18 kilometers from Vempalli town. This village is named after a person called as ‘Sidda Reddy’. It comprises of several castes, of which Reddys are majority in numbers.

In Siddareddygari Palli there are temples of  Jalagangamma, Bhairava, Sri Rama & Nandyalamma. There exists a Dargah as well. Kaletivagu mini project, exists near to this village. There exits 5 habitants within this village namely..Siddareddypalli, Jogireddypalli,Gaddamvari palli,Takkalapalli & Madigavada.

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There exists and MP Elementary School & Anganvadi school in this village.

Castes : Hindu, (Kapu (Reddy), Gorla, Muslim, Vadde, Mala, Madiga, Dudekula) Muslims, Christians

No of Houses : 300

Temple (s) : Sri jalagangamma, Sri Rama, Bhairava & Nandyalamma Temples, Darga

GramaPanchayat : Errabommanapalli

Crops Cultivated : Paddy,Groundnut,Acid lime, Mango,Tomato, Sunflower, Banana

Address :

Errabommana palli(V)
Kumarakaluva (P)
Chakrayapera (M)
YSR Kadapa (D)
PIN – 516257

Population : 1500

Personalities :

Lomada Ramachenna reddy EX Hicourt judge,
L Nagi reddy Civil Engg,
L Sesha reddy,Telecom,
Kulayappa SBI Manager,
L Gangi reddy Agros
L Anilkumar reddy (CO) MGNREGS
Baya Reddy (Indian Army)
GangiReddy (Indian Army)
Rajasekhar (Indian Army)

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Surnames : Reddys (Lomada, Valluru, Chinna meegada, Peddameegada, Bojja, Pennabadi, Ubbara, Pottipati), Golla (Polimeni) Dudekula (Vempalli, Gandluru) Vadde(Vallepu),

Nearest Town : Vempalli (18 KM)

Directions : Vempall –>Gandi –> kumarakaluva –>Siddareddypali

Story behind the Name : Siddareddy was person who hailed from Lomada and started this village.

Information Submitted by : Lomda Anilkumar reddy 9502526010

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