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Telephone Numbers – Kadapa District Police Stations

Telephone Numbers of Kadapa district police stations and respective police authorities. The list includes all of the police stations including Kadapa city.

Kadapa Police Directory

 DesignationSTDOfficeResidenceMobile No.
SP Kadapa85622421982443039440796900
Addl SP Kadapa85622421982449889440796901
Addl SP Operation85622412999440796902
Inspector SB85622437089440796966
Passport Office85622752859440796966
SDPO Kadapa 85622443079440796904
CI  West Circle Kadapa85622421339440796905
PS Kadapa I Tn85622421339440796906
PS Kadapa Taluk85622421329440796907
PS Kadapa Traffic85622449669440796908
PS Chennur 85622351339440796910
Women PS Kadapa 85622243339440796909
CCS Kadapa85622487339440796917
PCR Kadapa8562100
CI  Kadapa East CI rcle85622542009440796911
PS  Kadapa - II town85622413879440796912
PS  Chinna Chowk85622452009440796913
CI  Kadapa Rural CI rcle85622421329440796914
PS  CK Dinne 85622312339440796915
PS  Pendlimarry85622330339440796992
PS  Vallur 85622364339440736916
CI Yerraguntla CI rcle85632752849440796918
PS Yerraguntla 85632752339440796919
CI  Kamalapuram85632742339440796920
CI  GRPalli85632700339440796922
PS  Kalamala85632322339440796921
SDPO Proddatur 85642523339440796935
Inspector SB Proddutur9440901807
CI  Proddatur Urban CI rcle85642533069440796937
PS  Proddatur-II town85642573339440796938
PS  Proddatur-III town85642533339440796939
PCR Proddatur
PS  Proddatur Traffic8564253333
CI Proddatur Rural85642563339440796940
PS  Proddatur Taluk85642563339440796941
PS  Rajapalem85642300339440796942
PS  Chapadu85642780339440796943
SDPO Jammalamadugu 85602700239440796944
CI  Jammalamadugu  Rural85602700339440796946
PS  Thalamanchipatnam85602724339440796948
PS  Mylavaram85602734339440796947
PS  Peddamudium85602777339440796988
CI  Kondapuram CI rcle85602742079440796949
PS  Kondapuram85602742339440796950
PS  Simhadripuram85682354339440796978
PS  Thallaproddatur85602732339440796953
PS  Thondur8568238333
PS  Muddanur85682792339440796981
SDPO Pulivendla 85682261699440796923
CI  Pulivendula CI rcle85682261409440796924
PS  Pulivendula85682261339440796925
PS  Lingala85682385339440796926
PS  Vemula85882824339440796927
PS  Vempalli85882812339440796987
CI  LRPalli CI rcle85672340389440796991
PS  Lakkireddipalli85672340339440796971
PS  Ramapuram85672380339440796972
PS Galiveedu85672332339440796969
PS  Chakrayapet85672346339440796970
PS  Rayachoty U/G85612510339440796928
CI  Rayachoty Rural85612510339440796929
PS  Chinnamandem 85612440339440901809
PS Sambepalli85612424339440796952
PS  TSundupalli85612486339440901806
PS  Veeraballi85612434339440901818
SDPO Rajampet 85652405339440796930
CI Rajampet Rural 85652406169440796932
PS  Mannur 85652404339440796933
PS  Pullampet 85662570339440796979
PS  Penagalur8565255433
CI  Kodur CI rcle85662442609440796974
PS  Kodur85662440339440796975
PS  Chitvel85662402339440901819
PS  Obulavaripalli85662560339440796962
CI  Vontimitta CI rcle85892740439440796963
PS  Vontimitta8589274033
PS  Nandalur85652430339440796934
PS  Sidhout85892720339440901817
SDPO Mydukur 85642313339440796954
CI  Mydukur Rural CI rcle85642313099440796956
PS  Duvvur 85642381339440796957
PS  Khajiepet85622386339440796958
PS  BMattam85692860339440901810
CI  Badvel CI rcle85692842089440796976
PS  Badvel Rural85692842089440901816
PS  Atlur8569278733
CI  Porumamilla Circle85692852339440796977
PS  Kalasapadu85692864339440796989
PS  BKodur8569286633
Highway Patrol - 19440627719
Highway Patrol - 29440627720
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