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Ameenpeer Dargah – Pedda Dargah

Ameen Peer Dargah (Asthana-e-Magdoom Ilahi Dargah complex) (Badi Dargah, Pedda Dargah) in Kadapa (Cuddapah) City is an example of the communal harmony preached by great saints and sages in ancient days. Come Thursday and Friday, scores of pilgrims cutting across religious faiths, throng the the 300-year-old shrine seeking blessings of saints Peerullah Hussaini and Arifullah Hussaini II who lie buried here.

Followers of the ameenpeer  dargah believe that any wish that one makes at the shrine is always fulfilled. A large number of Hindus, Muslims and people of different faiths are disciples of the shrine. The family’s descendants identify themselves with a saffron dresss and the disciples wear a saffron cap.

Khwaja Peerullah Hussaini (popularly known as Peerullah Malik), a devout Muslim born in Bidar (Karnataka), founded the Aasthana, in 16th century. Peerullah Malik was a linage to Prophet Mohammed. He visited mausoleums of all Sufi saints of India, as also that of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti at Ajmer, where he received instructions to move to the kadapa region. On the way, he stopped on the banks of Pennar River (near Chennur). Nawab Nek Naam Khan, the then Nawab of Sidhout Taluk also presented himself to the Sufi and paid his respects. Following the instructions of the saint, the Nawab named the town as Nek Naam Abaad, which later became Cuddapah, over a period of time. The saint devoted his life to spread the message of peace, love and communal harmony.

Legend has it that once some people demanded that they would trust him only if he could show them a miracle. The Sufi accepted their challenge. The earth opened for him and he descended into it alive, thereby attaining Jeeva Samadhi (1716 AD)here on the 10th day of Muharram month (first month of Muslim calendar). Three days later, people saw him performing prayers in the same place. After his death, Nawab Abdul Hameed Khan Mayana got his mausoleum built. Just to the east of the mosque, Peerullah’s tomb is found in a closed room with two entrances, one each in the western and southern walls. Flocks of pigeon descend on the tomb complex and are fed by the pilgrims. Peerullah’s Urs is celebrated on the 10th day of Muharram every year.

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Khwaja Peerullah had two sons. One of them died childless. The other son Arifullah Hussani-I attained higher levels of mysticism and spirituality. His son Ameenullah Hussaini-I, had three sons: Shah Peerullah Hussaini, Yadullah Hussaini-I, and Arifullah Hussaini-II.

Arifullah Hussaini II was a devout Sufi and he immersed himself in the love of God. Legend has it that he once paid a visit to his grandfather’s tomb at Bidar. The gateman asked for his credentials and refused to open the door for him. The saint called (Ya Jaddi, O’ father) loudly. Then a voice from the tomb (Marhaba Ya Waladi, Come, my son) welcomed him. The door automatically opened for him. Arifullah II spent some time there, and then shifted to the mausoleum of Ameenuddin Aala at Bijapur. He went to Ahmedabad and Ajmer, where he received instructions for going to Tadipatri (Anantapur District). He spent 40 years in deep meditation and prayers in the caves and forests of Tadipatri. It is also believed that a python used to stay guard outside his cave. He came to the forests of Gandi in Cuddapah district and spent his time in prayers till he turned 63. Besides being a saint of high order, he was also a great scholar, and an eminent poet.

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There is a wide hall aligned along the east west axis containing a number of tombs. The highest tomb among them belongs to him, whose Urs is celebrated in Jamadi’ul Awwal (5th lunar month) of Muslim calendar. It is the biggest Urs of South India. The entire mausoleum complex is popularly known as Aasthana-e-Maqdoom’ullahi.

This Urs brings millions of pilgrims to Kadapa from every nook and corner of the country, from as far as Delhi, Agra, Ajmer, Chennai, Bangalore, Calcutta, Jammu, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Bhopal, and so on. The main festivities start with the sandal paste ceremony. It is taken out in the night and Fateha is offered at the tomb of the saint. The sandal paste is treated as Tabarruk (prasada) and is distributed to the devotees. The main Urs ceremony is held on the second day. Fakirs and devotees present Chadar at the tomb of the saint. Qawwali programme is held on both nights. A national-level Mushaira (poetry programme) is held on the third night which continues upto early morning. Masjid-e-Azam is an impressive mosque with Persian inscriptions. It dates back to A.D. 1691 and was built during the reign of Aurangazeb.

Disciples of Hazrath Amin Peer saab and Shah Meer saab school of thoughts.. exist all over Rayalseema and Coastal districts and carry out welfare activities on a large scale. When ever there was an outbreak of cholera in Kadapa town , residents use to consider Ali Murad saab as their savior and special prayers were conducted at his shrine; even todate (on a lesser extent though) this practice continues. Hazrath Rafeeq Shah Vali Saab is said to be a saviour of people suffering from mental illness and evil spirits.

The shrine is one of the most peaceful and serene spots in Kadapa, free from distracting noises. One should pay a visit to this shrine to savour the magic of silence, if not for anything else!

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Celebrities who visited Ameenpeer Dargah:

Besides common pilgrims who come in hundreds, any celebrity who comes to Kadapa pays a visit to the shrine without fail.

  • Mrs. Indira Gandhi, P.V.Narasimha Rao – Former prime ministers of India
  • Neelam Sanjeev Reddy – former president of India
  • Dr. YS Rajashekar Reddy – Chief Minister of AP
  • Mr. chandrababu Naidu – Former Chief minister of AP
  • Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde – Politician, former Central Minister
  • Mohammed Rafi Singer
  • A R Rehman Famous music director
  • Aishwarya Rai – Bollywood actress
  • Abhishek Bachhan – Bollywood actor
  • Jaya Bachchan – Bollywood actress
  • Aamir Khan – Bollywood actor
  • Akshay Kumar –Bollywood Actor
  • Ashrat Jaipuri – National poet
  • Shakeel Baddayuni – National poet
  • Chiranjeevi – Tollywood Actor
  • Ramcharan Teja – Tollywood Actor
  • Allu Arjun – Tollywood Actor


Located in Nakkash Colony, Kadapa City

Timings of Ameenpeer Dargah:

The doors of main Dargah remains open during morning from 5-30 AM to 10 AM and from 5-00 PM to 10-00 PM during evening, every day. On Fridays the Dargah remains opens during afternoon from 12-30 PM to 3-00 PM in addition to the regular timings.

Auliyas Names of dargah as follows:

1. Hazarath Khwaja Syed Shah Peerulluah Mohammed mohammedul Hussaini Chisti-ul-khadari
2. Hazarath Khwaja Syed Shah Aarifulluah Mohammed mohammedul Hussaini Chisti-ul-khadari
3. Hazrath Ameen Peer saab Dargah

4.Gesudaraz dargah in almospet, Kadapa



AmeenPeeer Road, Kadapa – 516001.

Phone: 08562 – 241330


Other dargahs in Kadapa:

  • Hazrath Shah Mir Saab Dargah
  • Hazrath Ali Murad Saab Dargah
  • Hazrath Rafeeq Shah Vali Saab Dargah

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  1. I am impressed with the site. Its really wonderful. i really appreciate for designing a wonderful site for public.

  2. I saw something about this subject on TV last night. Great article.

  3. Dear sir…this is mohammed from kadapa. Living in dubai U A E. I really thank full for that person who has made this website. Now i can see all the updates from all over the world
    its great job!
    my pet name is kaddu is well. i was living near to darga sharef.

  4. i saw this website which is related to my aasthana may Allah full fill all the dreams of this person who built this website. AAmin .

  5. May Allah Full fill the legal desires of this web builder who built the website of my astana

  6. News Coverage of Asthana – E – Maqdoomullahi is wonderful in this website. I am really happy and had been recommending this website to all friends in UAE.

    I salute the efforts of the Web Designer of this website for his dedicated efforts.

    Best Regards
    Syed Rafi

  7. i am jameel from kadapa living in 1000 salutes to this creator of the website.we are more than 4000 miles away, but after viewing this website the distance between kadapa and me became zero.thanks a lot. Keep continuing these good efforts.may Allah reward you.

  8. syed nazeem ahmed

    Assalamalikum Brothers, iam syed nazeem from kadapa-kuwait….
    first of all, i thankful to Allah who give us life and hidayat of deen-e-islam. and also i appreciate the web owner who made good website.but here iam giving some clarification to our muslims brothers as well as our hindu/christian brothers.

    Do you go to Tombs of saints (dargahs) for help?

    Tombs of saints – known in the Indian subcontinent as dargahs – are worship places, where dead saints are venerated and worshiped. This is not permissible as all types of worship and veneration should be for Allah alone. Allah says:

    “…So whoever hopes for the Meeting with his Lord, let him work righteousness and associate none as a partner in the worship of his Lord.” (Qur’an, 18:110)

    The whole Qur’an is full of verses that make worship exclusively for Allah alone. Shirk – setting up partners with Allah – came into human beings by exalting pious individuals to the level of God. This is how mankind deviated from the pure worship of Allah. For instance, Jesus (peace be upon him) is worshiped, though he was a messenger like other messengers before him, albeit with different miracles and qualities. Allah gave special qualities to every prophet and messenger.

    And (remember) when Allah will say (on the Day of Resurrection) : “O Jesus, son of Mary! Did you say unto men: ‘Worship me and my mother as two gods besides Allah?’ “ He will say: “Glory be to You! It was not for me to say what I had no right (to say). Had I said such a thing, You would surely have known it. You know what is in my inner self though I do not know what is in Yours, truly, You, only You, are the All Knower of all that is hidden and unseen. Never did I say to them aught except what You (Allah) did command me to say: ‘Worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord.’ … (Qur’an, 5:116-117)

    Some Muslims too have fallen into a similar trap out of extreme veneration of saints. They now go to dargahs hoping the saints will answer their pleas or will at least intercede to Allah on their behalf. So they direct inner and outer acts of worship to these dead people.

    Inner acts of worship are, for example, submission, extreme humility, hope, trust, and love in a manner that should be directed toward Allah alone. They have faith that dead people have miraculous power to solve their problems. One must think that when people cannot unconditionally help us when they are alive, then how could they help us after death when they are in a life of Barzakh that has nothing to do with the life of this world?

    Outer acts of worship done at these places include Sajdah, Tawaf, and the many other innovated forms of rituals they do. However, only Allah deserves all types of worship, and it should be done in the manner He taught us through the Messenger. Allah says in the Qur’an:

    “And the mosques are for Allah (Alone), so do not do du’a to anyone along with Allah.” (Qur’an, 72:18)

    “And when My servants ask you (O Muhammad, peace be upon him) concerning Me, (then answer them), I am indeed near. I respond to the invocations of the supplicant when he calls on Me.” (Qur’an, 2:186)

    Making du’a to anyone else is not only the worst possible deed (Shirk), but it is also futile – because it is not based on revelation or reason. When we know that Allah is our Creator, He is the Provider, He is the Lord, He is the Most Merciful, He has power over everything, He Hears us, and Answers us, then shouldn’t He alone be worshiped?

    Just why should anyone else be worshiped? They can’t do us anything. They too are totally dependent on Allah.

    We worship Allah because He alone truly deserves to be worshiped. There is no being deserving or worthy of our worship except Allah. This is the meaning of “La ilaha illAllah.”

    People who leave their Lord and ask others – whether that other is a prophet or an angel or a saint or a stone or an idol – are Miskeen because instead of asking the One who is Capable of giving them what they want, they are asking those who are helpless.

    “O mankind! A similitude has been coined, so listen to it (carefully): Verily, those on whom you call besides Allah, cannot create (even) a fly, even though they combine together for the purpose. And if the fly snatches away a thing from them, they will have no power to release it from the fly. So weak are (both) the seeker and the sought.” (Qur’an, 22:73)

    “O mankind! it is You who stand In need of Allah, but Allah is rich (Free of All wants and needs), Worthy of All praise.” (Qur’an, 35:15)

    Going to the graves of saints and directing acts of worship to them is Shirk because humans are given a divine status that rightly belongs to Allah alone. Allah says:

    Say (O Muhammad, peace be upon him): “Do you order me to worship other than Allah? O you fools!” And indeed it has been revealed to you (O Muhammad, peace be upon him), as it was to those (Messengers) before you: “If you join others in worship with Allah, (then) surely, (all) your deeds will be in vain, and you will certainly be among the losers.” Nay! But worship Allah (Alone and none else), and be among the grateful.

    They made not a just estimate of Allah such as is due to Him. And on the Day of Resurrection the whole of the earth will be grasped by His Hand and the heavens will be rolled up in His Right Hand. Glorified is He and Exalted is He above all that they associate as partners with Him! (Qur’an, 39:64-67)

    The Prophets came to guide people when they fell into Shirk. They were an example of perfect worship to Allah. Prophet Muhammad’s life (peace be upon) is such an example. The Companions, the best generation, and those who came after them were strongly upon this belief.

    They never went to the grave of the Prophet (peace be upon him) for help or to make du’a because this contradicts the fundamental message and belief that the Prophet came with. Our Salah is a direct connection with our Lord. What we say in it, if we understood it, is proof of that faith.

    The Prophet (peace be upon him) said near the end of his life: “May Allah curse the Jews and the Christians, for they have taken the graves of their Prophets as places of worship.” (Al-Bukhari, Book of Funerals, no. 1330; Sahih Muslim, Al-Masajid, no. 529)

    He said to Ali: “Do not leave a picture except that you erase it, nor an elevated grave except that you level it.” (Sahih Muslim, no. 969)

    He (pbuh) also said: “Verily, those who were before you all, used to take the graves of their Prophets and righteous people as Masjids. So, do not take the graves as Masjids, for verily I prohibit you all from that.” (Sahih Muslim, no. 532)

    Umm Salamah and Umm Habibh mentioned to the Prophet a church that they saw in Ethiopia and the pictures in it. So, he said: “These are people that whenever a righteous man dies among them, they build a Masjid over his grave and make these pictures in it. These people are the worst of creation with Allah.” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

    It is incumbent on Muslims to realize the dangerous pit many have fallen into out of exaggeration. It is necessary upon us to educate and carry the message of Tawheed to others.

    even if you any doubts about your religion or about islam. please drop me a email or put your comments on this webstite, however i will answer to our brothers.

    please follow Quran aur Hadiths, i can give many ref from quran and hadiths and also from your books bible or vedas…. please finish to pray for tombs or idols or seeking blessing from and one other than ALLAH.

    Syed Nazeem Ahmed
    Tablik jamat

    • aslam

      my brothers
      i do agrey that what you sayd

      but iam not happy
      with it bcoz


      has sayd also that to fallow
      they are the vali allah

      ok brother thanks for your time

      and have a great day ahead if any one has any cind
      of questions plz dont feel bad to cant me ok iam here in dubai i will give you all the answers ok

      hope you will undestand
      best regards

    • Assalawalaikum to all Muslim Brothers and warm Regards to all Phudo Salfis and Deonabis,

      Request all Brothers and sisters to Visit to get all your doubts clear on visiting graves. Also see how these deobandis and wahabis are fooling innocent people on name of tawheed.

      No muslim worship any body, except allah.



  9. Assalam Alai’kum
    I am from Kadapa, living inhyderabad ,I feel happy by this website in which the history of Astana-e-maqdoomillahi mention clearly
    And my request is to mention the history of other famous Astana’s in kadapa which is from long past,i.e., Astana -e – Muradia since from 1200 Hijri
    astana -e-shahmiri the saint of which is the disciple of Astana e Muradia

  10. Dear Brothers

    Assalamu Alaikum WB

    Thanks for this web site. It is very good in terms of quality, contents and coverage.

    I really appreciate and thanks brother Syed Nazeem Ahmed’s for his comments to Dargah visitors in the light of Quran and Hadis. Jazakallah Khair

    We have to think what we are doing? where the world is going and where we are when i read the below article

    May ALLAH give hidayath to all Kadapa brothers to follow straight path. Ameen!

  11. Assalamalikum Brothers,

    iam very happy that our brothers showing the right knowledge to our muslims brothers, those who are visiting ‘DARGAS’ it is not at all permit in islam and it is not sunnat ul jamat, it is a sufi jamat which came from Shiya… any have which ever jamat we have to follow only Quran aur Hadiths thats all, we respect the one who pass already and we respect the one who is alive today but we never go and pray at tombs of saints it is a SHIRK and ALLAH never forgive this type of sin.,

    i appreciate to brother Syed Nazeem Ahmed and also to syed sabjan. because they are inviting to peoples on a right path… Allah May give reward to all our brothers who is following Quran and Hadith, how well our brother Dr.Zakir naik is doing today. he is the person who is inviting to muslims and non muslims to the right of Mohammed(SAW).

    Here iam coating some Quran ayat and also some hadiths :

    Surah An-Nisaa(4:115) : And whoever contradicts and opposes the Messenger of ALLAH. Mohammed{PBUH} after the right path has been shown clearly to him and follows other than the Sahaba ways. we shall keep him in the path he has chosen and burn him in Hell-what an evil destination,

    Surah Al-Anam- (6:106) : Follow O Muhammad(PBUH), what has been revealed to from your Lord – there is no deity except Him, and tyrn away from those who associate others with Allah.

    Surah Al-Anam – (6:107) : But if Allah had willed, they would not have associated and we have not appointed you over them as a guardian nor are you amanager over them.

    Sahih Al-Bukhari – 1/3 No.109 : Allah’s Messenger(PBUH) said : “whoever intentionally ascribes to me what i have not said then surely let him occupy his seat in Hellfire”

    inshaALLAH we will follow according to Quran aur Hadiths.

    jazakhallakahir brothers
    Shaik Ibrahim Khaleel Ullah
    Ahle-Hadiths Jamat
    Kadapa – Kuwait

  12. Assalam ala’kum i from hyderabad it is very happy that some of our brother sharing the knowledge about the visiting to darga sharif. its a sunnat to visit darga’s. muhammed salla hu alaihi wa sallam visited to the grave yard at one night and pray for souls in madina munawara
    so, plz keep your way clean stong to reach and to know about allah.
    When we Ask to quran,then say
    ‘Alaa inna aouliya allahi laa qaufunalaihim walahum yahzanoon'(alfurqan)
    First follow quran and if u didn’t get answer from that then prefer hadish

    Dawood khadry
    Ahle quran jamat

  13. Dear Brother.Dawood

    First of all you give wrong daleel,darga & grave bahut farak hai mere bhai,Our Prophite Sallalhualihusalam,what he mention read with the emnaing just dont live the stupid comments,i request dont listen to A HAdith Jamath Tablikh Etc,hope u r educated try to read Quran & hadith with the meaning,Hadith means Bukhari Sharieff not Fazale Amaal, Fazale Amaal is not hadith. for allah dont giev the comments with out any knowledge,we all are muslims we should co-operate with each others v should not fight this is wat Islam teach us,Iam not going to mention any daleel i want you to read with meaning.

    Note: Give me teh daleel where it has mentioned visiting Darga is sunnath, Just i wil give small example y there is no Darga in Saudi,Kuwait,etc.

    Awaiting for your valuable feed back.


    Syed Maqsood Ahmed

  14. salam Alaikum
    maqsood bhai how are u,and from where u ar don’t get angry,
    first tell me what will be in darga, its simple grave and in grave yard ,the same grave will find
    that means what ever it may be darga or yard (full of grave) is same and its call grave yard.

    islam starts from saudi and spread through out the World with the help of follower of prohpet Muhammed(s.A.W) and especially in india islam came with the help of great saints eg:kwaja ajmeeri R.A etc.,
    islam is simple in understanding so follow it carefull

    in jamat islami, tabliqi,ahele hadise khadiyani,….etc their you will not find vali but in quran allah tala said there are vali’s, if u said its wrong then its kufre so only one jamat how likes vali’s is ahle sunnat wal jamat and vali’s also come from that jamats only.

  15. Assalalamwalaikum Dear Mr Dawood Bhai,mention the ayat where Allah has mentioned,regarding KGN please read his history what he did in his life, now also i wil tell its wrong,Qura’an surah Baqarah Chapter 2 Verse 28.?Islam states that human being comes into this world only once,and after he dies,he again resurrected on the day of judgement,dont try to give fake information about the Quran,Allah never mentioned anything about Valis,he mention about the Nabi’s,dear brother read Quran in meaning and give the perfect daleel,I need the dallen for the words you have mention Ahle Sunnath?

    if you thing that going darga is as per Quran thn y the Mecca & Madeena people dint made any darga for any Sahabe,not even our Nabi Salalahualihusalam,so brother b perfect muslim,have you ever thought when you people spend money on sandul of darga that money can use for Yateem,unmarried womens have you ever thought,dont think that if you bend your head in front of the grave you will get or your sins will forgetable, this is sheerk you guys are doing dont ever try to stand others in front of Allah, aske some thing in darga let us try will get or not? ask the same thing to Allah with you good heart & see how Allah will do yor things.

    Hope you understand.

    We are not hear to fight, as i told you b4 if you are educated read Quran & Bukhari with meaning so you will realise what is true & false.

    When you are mentioning some thing give the perfect daleel.

    Takecare AllahHafiz


  16. Dear Imtaiz Bhai:

    If you think that asthana near your house that you are lucky then tell your family people not send your dead body to Khabarastan,let them make your asthana near your house, are you guys realy muslim, muslims never speak such sheerk words.If you are educated then read Quran & Hadith with the meaning, change your thinking bhai saab,If want to tell something please give daleel & speak,without daleel frm Quran & BUkhari dont reply.

    Iam trying to make you understable that except Allah & after that His Rasool there is nothing to follow when you read you will come to knew ok,

    Dont take mt words in negative.

    S Mqasood

  17. assalam Alaikum Maqsood Bhai Khairiyat hain

    Alhaqqu Mur’un

    Are U have any guarenteed that u will get buried in the place where u think to burried ‘No’
    like that darga will come after the Buried of vali allah in the common graveyard where other peoples also buried around it
    Are U follow Quran then read it day and night don’t discuss about unknown matter mention the ayyah where it mention about you.
    Allah talaa will not mention by taking the names of all person ok na
    In islam there are not only one hadith(bukhari Sharif) and many more also like tirmizi sharif,Mishkat sharif,and many more,
    Ahle Sunnat mean ‘who follow the way of rasool allah s.a.w and who become muslim without seeing the muhammed s.a.w

    Ahle sunnat, Quran & hadith Jamath

    Allah Hafiz

    • Dear Mr Dawood.

      Your reply shows that you doent knew anything,wat u told dont ask anything means u r making other people in sherk,Dawood bhai just think better then our Nabi Sallalahualihusalam no body r ther after Allah hav u seen how is grave no bcoz thre is no entry,bhai u people follow only mursheed & murids,if somebody is giving daleel he wil mention sahi bukhari & sahi muslim,nobody wil give tirmizi,mishkat,means u guys dont want 2learn the corect way of life,rem u wil die i wil die one but the question frm Allah wil b the same,so think & do wat u doing in the life,

      first all we have kick the mursheed who sit in darga,he need money dats it.they have made the business,wat will the dead people wil give if u bend ur head,guys wake up frm the deep sleep k,

      Dont speak like kafirs.B a perfect muslim,

      May Allah guide the correct way of life Ameen



      • Hi brother aslkum dawood or any body help me pls near dargha people its my whats up.number 00966559796263 aur bhai muje add kariyen pls koi ek plzzzzz or if any person koi ek apna number muje.missed callkakaro 00966502491087 Barayen maherbani

  18. As Salaam Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. (May Allah`s Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon all of you)

    dear brother

    every one accept that the last “haq” of a dead body is to bury it, the method is mentioned in islam, and last thing we can do for a dead body is to recite the “talqeen” on the grave,, after that it is all between this deadbody and allah,, then why these quls , dua, daswan , beseewan , chalisswan are celebrated, why these quran khawanis helf for this departed soul, who in fact according to nature and according our religion, which is said the religion of nature,, Deen-e-fitrat, that once a person died he/she has not connection this world, in any form,,, why is necessary to build the “pakki qabrain” people build, and why we see all the roza of prophet, his kaliphat, his “all-i-rasool, the mazar of darwaish,, is it necessary,, will islam not survive if people dont go for the ziarat and hazri of these rozas and mazars,, while it is said that the responsibility of protecting islam ,

    quran and sunnah was taken by Allah himself,,,

    if Allah have all powers and gives some power to his dear people , prophets, momeen etc. than is not it like the bhagwan who made devi and devatas and gave them different powers, made some god of war, some god of agriculture, some god of justice etc. is not it the same in islam, the rozas and mazars, same thing

    is it neccessary, is it a source, that god needs, you see just like Allah created us but thru parents,, so some people say these are the sources,,,,,, but the confusion is that how people go for what is right and what is wrong, when there are so many mazars, rozas, shrines, peer aulias,, al-e-rasool,

    sahaba-e-rasool,, all are different,,, who is right

    totally confused,,,, hope you might remove this confusion

    (There may be some grammatical and spelling errors in the above statement. The forum does not change anything from questions, comments and statements received from our readers for circulation in confidentiality.)


    Share in power shirk graves and dargah

    In the name of Allah, We praise Him, seek His help and ask for His forgiveness. Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, and whoever He allows to fall astray, none can guide them aright. We bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but Allah Alone, and we bear witness that Muhammad (saws) is His slave-servant and the seal of His Messengers.

    Your Question: …..then why these quls , dua, daswan , beseewan , chalisswan are celebrated, why these quran khawanis helf for this departed soul,

    Allah Says in the Holy Quran Chapter 6 Surah Anaam verse 164:

    Every soul draws the meed of its acts on none but itself: no bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another. Your goal in the end is toward Allah: He will tell you the Truth of the things wherein ye disputed.

    Abu Hurairah reported that The Prophet (saws), said, `When a person dies all his good deeds cease except for three:

    1. a continuous act of charity,

    2. beneficial knowledge, and

    3. a righteous offspring who prays for him`.“

    Related by Muslim and Abu Dawood.

    In light of the above guidance of the Quran it is absolutely clear that every soul will draw the meed or merit of its own deeds; and in light of the absolutely clear guidance of the Messenger of Allah (saws) all the deeds of a deceased are ceased except for three:

    continuous act of charity: ie. the charity done by the deceased like building a school, or a hospital, or a mosque, or a well, etc. which is still being utilized for the good of man even after his death….the deceased shall earn a reward for such continuous deeds of charity even after his death.
    beneficial knowledge: ie. if the deceased strove and exhorted someone to believe and obey their Lord Creator, or the deceased gave someone a copy of the Glorious Quran, or some good advice, etc….then he will continue to receive the rewards of every good that person did on his advice.
    righteous offspring: ie. the near and loved ones who constantly supplicate their Lord to forgive their deceased loved one.

    Many amongst the Prophet’s (saws) own family and companions died in his own lifetime, but there is absolutely no evidence in the authentic and established Sunnah that the Messenger of Allah (saws) ever performed the rites or rituals of ‘quls, daswan, beseewan, chalisswan, quran khawanis,’ etc. for the benefit of the deceased soul; nor did he (saws) ever endorse the performing of such acts!

    Allah Says in the Holy Quran Chapter 33 Surah Ahzab verse 21:

    There is indeed the best example for you to follow in the Messenger of Allah, for every such person looks forward to Allah and the Last Day, and remembers Allah much.

    If one follows or does any rite or ritual or act of worship in Islam which is not specifically endorsed by the Messenger of Allah (saws)….then one should know with total and absolute conviction that such self-invented and innovated rites of supposed worship are a manifestation of ‘bida’ and absolutely unacceptable to Allah Subhanah!

    For an act, or deed, or rite or ritual of worship, celebration or commemoration of a day or night, etc. to be considered a part of worship in Islam, or for it to be considered acceptable and pleasing to the Lord Creator, it is absolutely imperative that this act, or deed, or rite or ritual of worship, or the celebration or commemoration be endorsed by Allah and His Messenger (saws). It that act or deed or celebration in Islam is not endorsed by Allah and His Messenger (saws), then it would not constitute an acceptable or meritorious deed in the Sight of the Lord.

    Therefore if someone starts or follows the self-invented rites and rituals of ‘quls, daswan, beseewan, chalisswan, quran khawanis,’ etc., assuming it to be an act of worship, or a rite which will bring about the Pleasure or Good Will of Allah Subhanah, or a ritual which will benefit the soul of the deceased in any way whatsoever, he will be inventing a thing in the deen of Islam which is not from the deen! And that is exactly what the Messenger of Allah (saws) termed as ‘bidah’ or innovation; and every single innovation in the pure and perfect deen of Islam is an error, a sin, and absolutely detestable to the Lord Most Majestic.

    Aisha narrated that the Messenger of Allah (saws) said: ‘If somebody innovates something which is not present in our religion, then that thing will be rejected.’

    Related by Bukhari.

    Sunan of Abu-Dawood Hadith 4515 Narrated by Ali ibn AbuTalib

    That the Prophet of Allah (saws) said: “If anyone introduces an innovation (in religion), he will be responsible for it. If anyone introduces an innovation or gives shelter to a man who introduces an innovation (in religion), he is cursed by Allah, by His Angels, and by all the people.”

    Sahih Muslim Hadith 1885 Narrated by Jabir ibn Abdullah

    That the Prophet of Allah (saws) said in a sermon: “The best speech is that which is embodied in the Book of Allah, the Al Quran; and the best guidance is the guidance given by me, Mohamed (saws). The most evil affairs are the innovations, and every innovation is an error.”

    The act that the Messenger of Allah (saws) himself did and guided the believers to do for the benefit of their deceased loved ones who died in the state of belief was to make sincere supplications for them; beseech their Lord in all humility, and hope, and fear that the Lord Most Gracious shower them with His Mercy, bestow on them His Grace, forgive them their shortcomings and their sins, and grant them an honorable rank in the Hereafter.

    Your Question: ……why is necessary to build the “pakki qabrain” people build, and why we see all the roza of prophet, his kaliphat, his “all-i-rasool, the mazar of darwaish,, is it necessary,,

    Jabir reported: “The Prophet(saws) forbade the whitewashing of a grave, sitting on it, or erecting any structure on it.”

    (Related by Ahmad, Muslim, Nasa`i, Abu Daw`ud, and Tirmidhi.)

    Abu Hurairah reported: “The Prophet (saws) said: `May Allah destroy the Jews, because they used the graves of their prophets as shrines (places of worship).“ (Related by Bukhari and Muslim)

    Aishah reported: “Umm Habibah and Umm Salamah mentioned to Allah`s Messenger (saws) a church in which they saw drawings while in Abyssinia, whereupon he (saws) said: `Those people used to build a shrine over the grave of a righteous man among them when he died, and make such drawings in it. These will be the worst of people in the sight of Allah on the Day of Resurrection.“

    (Related by Bukhari and Muslim)

    The Messenger of Allah (saws) said: “Before you there was a group who turned the graves of their prophets and their righteous ones into places of worship. Do not tum graves into places of worship. I forbid you to do that`.“

    (Related by Muslim)

    In light of the above absolutely clear guidance of the Messenger of Allah (saws), it is absolutely prohibited for the believers, who sincerely believe in Allah and the Last Day, to build any sort of structure over the graves of their deceased…..absolutely regardless of whether that grave happens to be that of a Prophet or one amongst the most pious amongst the believers!

    Your Question: ….will islam not survive if people dont go for the ziarat and hazri of these rozas and mazars,, while it is said that the responsibility of protecting islam ,

    quran and sunnah was taken by Allah himself,,,

    Although Shariah does not prohibit the believers from visiting the graveyards as that would remind them of the Hereafter….the Messenger of Allah (saws) strictly prohibited the believers from undertaking a special journey to visit any place of worship except for the ‘three holy places’….

    Said bin Al-Musayyib reported from Abu Hurairah that the Prophet (saws) said, “You should not undertake a special journey to visit any place of worship other than the three Mosques: the Sacred Mosque of Makkah, this mosque of mine (in Madinah), and Al-Aqsa Mosque (of Jerusalem ).”

    Related by Bukhari, Muslim, and Abu Dawud.

    The believers who travel to the holy city of Madinah go there with the intention to offer prayers in the Prophet’s Mosque, and since it so happens that the Prophet (saws) died and was buried in the quarters of Hadrat Aisha (r.a.) which happened to be adjacent to the Masjid of the Prophet, the believers pay their respects by declaring their salutations to their beloved Prophet (saws).

    Allah is our witness brother, had the Prophet of Allah (saws) not died and buried in Madinah, it would not have been permissible for a believer in Shariah to undertake a journey specially to visit the grave of even the Last and Final Messenger of Allah, Mohamed ar-Rasool Allah (saws)!!!

    The ignorant who build structures or ‘mazars’ and ‘rozas’ over the graves of some pious slaves of Allah….and perform the self-invented rites and rituals of ‘haazri’, and ‘urs’, and ‘milaad’, etc. at these shrines are in manifest violation of the guidance of Allah and His Messenger (saws)!

    Your Statements: if Allah have all powers and gives some power to his dear people , prophets, momeen etc. than is not it like the bhagwan who made devi and devatas and gave them different powers, made some god of war, some god of agriculture,

    some god of justice etc. is not it the same in islam, the rozas and mazars,

    same thing

    Allah Says in the Holy Quran Chapter 10 Yunus verse 65:

    65 ….All Power and Honor belong to Allah Aone: it is He (Alone) Who Hears and Knows everything!

    Allah Says in the Holy Quran Chapter 18 Surah Kahf verse 39:

    39 There is no Power (or Strength) but with Allah Alone!

    Allah Says in the Holy Quran Chapter 6 Surah Anaam verse 59:

    59 With Him (Allah Subhanah Alone) are the keys of the unseen, the treasures that none Knows but He Alone. He Knows whatever there is on the earth and in the sea. Not a leaf doth fall but with His knowledge: there is not a grain in the darkness (or depths) of the earth, nor anything fresh or dry (green or withered), but is (inscribed) in a Record Clear (with Him).

    Allah Says in the Holy Quran Chapter 3 Surah Ale-Imraan verse 189:

    189 To Allah belongs the Dominion of the heavens and the earth; and Allah has Power over all things.

    Without an iota of a doubt, all and absolute Power, and Strength, and Sovereignty, and Dominion belongs to none save the Lord Most Supreme, Allah Subhanah, the One Only Unique and Incomparable Lord, Creator, Master, Sustainer and Cherisher of the universe! There is absolutely no power and no strength except the Power of Allah Subhanah.

    Your Statement: …is not it the same in islam, the rozas and mazars, same thing

    Allah Says in the Holy Quran Chapter 34 Surah Saba verse 22:

    22 Say: “Call upon other (deities) whom ye fancy besides Allah: they have no power! Not (even) the weight of an atom in the heavens or on earth; no (sort of) share have they therein, nor is any of them a helper to Allah.”

    Allah Says in the Holy Quran Chapter 35 Surah Fatir verses 13-14:

    13 He (Allah Subhanah) merges Night into Day and He merges Day into Night and He has subjected the sun and the moon (to His Law): each one runs its course for a term appointed. Such is Allah your Lord: to Him belongs all Dominion. And those whom ye invoke besides Him have no power in the least!

    14 If ye invoke them they will not listen to your call, and if they were to listen they cannot answer your (invocations). On the Day of Judgement they will reject your “partnership.” And none (O man!) can tell thee (the Truth) like the One Who is acquainted with all things!

    Allah Says in the Holy Quran Chapter 4 Surah Nisaa verse 53:

    53 Have they (the so-called deities) a share in the Dominion or Power (of Allah)? Behold they give not (or cannot give even) a farthing to their fellow-men!

    If one were to believe that anyone or anything in creation has even an atoms weight of the share of the Power and Dominion of the Lord Most Majestic….or one were to invoke anyone or anything in the ‘unseen’ except Allah Subhanah for their needs and desires…..Allah is our witness brother, they would be guilty of the abomination of the most heinous and unforgivable crime of ‘shirk’ in the Sight of Allah Subhanah!

    Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 10 Surah Yunus verse 18:

    These people invoke beside Allah those which can neither harm nor benefit them, and say, “These are our ‘shofa’a’ (intercessors) with Allah!” (O Mohammed (saws)), tell them, “Do you wish to inform Allah of that thing which He knows not in the heavens, or in the earth?” He is absolutely free from, and exalted above the ‘shirk’ that they commit.

    Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 18 Surah Kahf verse 102:

    What? Do these people, who have disbelieved, presume that they would make My servants their ‘auliyaas’ besides Me? We have prepared Hell for the hospitality of such people!

    Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 30 Surah Rum verse 40:

    Allah it is Who created you; then provided for you; then He causes your death; then He will bring you back to life. Is there among the associates you have set up (with Allah) anyone, who can do any of these things? Glorified is He and Far Exalted above the ‘shirk’ these people commit.

    Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 35 Surah Fatir verses 40:

    Say, “Have you ever seen those associates of yours whom you invoke besides Allah? Tell me: ‘What have they created in the earth, or what is their share in the heavens? Have We given them a Book, from which they derive a clear sanction (for their shirk)”. Nay! These wicked people are only beguiling one another with nothing, but delusion.

    If one trusts, obeys, and follows the guidance and commands of Allah and His Messenger (saws), one can be assured of never ever being misled; but if one believes, obeys and follows any other guidance, other than that of Allah and His Messenger (saws), one can be assured of being led astray.

    Whatever written of Truth and benefit is only due to Allah’s Assistance and Guidance, and whatever of error is of me alone. Allah Alone Knows Best and He is the Only Source of Strength.

    Your brother and well wisher in Islam,

    Shaik Sultan Mohideen,
    mobile : 00965-97271506,
    Ahle-Hadith Jamat

  19. Syed Maqsood Ahmed

    Dear Mr Dawood.

    I dont no wats wrong with you,accept teh truth of Islam dont try to Gumarah the peopls by your words,Just tell me one simple thing y in Saudi there is no Darga?DOnt ack Liek Rajesh Or Suresh act like Dawood(Do u knew ur name meaning)if u realy knew your name then you never question try to read Quran why dont u read teh Quran,if Allah has mentioned that to go for Darga r do Garve etc i will also start the same.

    Note: Read the comments from Mr Sultan line # 18.

    If you realy wana give me comment give me with the daleel until then dont give me your own daleel.

    You are speaking about Islam not about Dunya.

    SO Think & give the reply .


    S.Maqsood Ahmed

    Ahele Sahi Hadith

    Bangalore -Kuwait

  20. As Salam Alykum! bros,

    Hoping all izz well by Allah’s grace. Its very good place of Ameen Peer Dargah & I very missing. It’s very near from my house. International celebrities are visiting then we can see them & enjoying the moments. I want to thank this web site team & it’s really grate job. Actually I don’t have words to say really they are very well done. I want to say like that…

    Fly in the plane of Ambition & Land in the Airport of Success…Luck is yours, Wish is mine…May Ur future always shine…Good Luck

    Best regards,

    Syed Irshad
    Dubai, UAE.

  21. Asalam alaikum,
    I am MOHAMED ABDAAL from trichy(Tamil Nadu)..I want your Contact number Immediately sir……For Sharing Personal details and informations…we are the murid of ASTHANA..

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,
    my contact number is(9597114154)

  22. Hi All,

    Can you please provide me the phone number of the Pedda Dargah of Kadapa. The one provided in here isn’t working I think as no one is responding to calls. I just want to know how can I submit a phool ka chadhar to the lord. Please guide me.


  23. Can someone tell me,how can I reach to this dargah from cuddapah railway station?
    I also want to submit a phool ka chadar,can someone guide me on this issue also???

  24. Dear Shajahan,

    Assalam Alaikum,

    You can reach Kadapa Ameen Peer Dargah through any means of transport (bus or train). Its a place of peace and harmony.

    Best Regards,

    Syed Rafi

  25. Give me details about dargah, people visiting and offer prayers. Is this right in islam ?

  26. really a fantastic article and it was such a nice holy place to visit and if anybody may pray dua the god will full fill the same. thank u

  27. Its a very nice dargah. I m a christ i cnvrted my self to sunni mslm. I wnt to visit d s dargah..

  28. salaamwalkum my name is zabiulla frm . I am working in bangalore.Happy to see our dist website.People can knw about Dargah and other places with the help of this site.

  29. A’salam alaikum wa rahmatullah hi

    If u ar going to darga plz give with fear that one day i also have to buried that earlier was
    and dont ask anything with saints directly (your dreams can be come true when u go darga) but make a like with saint that ya allah mere dua qubool farma is vali ke vaseele sa then Allah will brings ur dua maqbool

    when u go to one place to visit Darga dont say that this darga is great that darga is not as this All Vali Allah are make by allah and vali means Allah’s friend

    in Kadapa there are many other famous old saints are resting,
    eg: Hazrath Ahmadullah Hussaini (chand phira gunbad) Hazrath Ali Murad Saheb Qible (astana-e-muradia) ravindra nagar, Hazrath Gesu daraas Almaspet and many more

    Allah Hafiz

  30. Saudagar Shaik Abdul Rahim

    Asalam alaikum To all my kadapa friends and my brothers iam from ksa riyadh, iam also a kadapavi, masha allah i am really happy to seeing this website, its good and i think that our kadapa peoples know all are 95% literate, its really good but i think masjid means where we do prayer the only one god allah subhanwatalah, but iam seeing this iam really worried that some peoples thought that the graves are our masjid its really bad, its all about to shirk, iam not tolding opposite to ameen peer dargha iam just tolding that this is not correct please remake the words .

  31. Assalamualaikum.! To all my Kadapa Friends..! & Bro’s.
    Dargah= A Grave(kabr) of a saint
    we all people going to Dargah & pray’s to Saheb. Hence, we all know he isn’t a God. We all Know Allah is only one, Allah is not Begotton, & not Begotted & never compare with anyone. So, Plz avoid askin Saheb (Kabr Parasti) & Dn’t visit Dargah’s. Visit Masjid & ask Allah.!


  32. Good persons and good activity for people’s. Please visit once again your problems are solved.

  33. Hidayathulla Baig Mirza

    Thank you so much for providing such a great and wonderful information.. Brothers don’t argue with each other it’s not a platform for argue. If you are believing it’s your wish if not then leave it don’t argue on that. I am strongly believes on Wali Allah’s.

  34. Syed Abrarullah Hussainy

    Assalamu alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatahu,

    Can anyone please find out the names of brothers of Hadrath Syed Shah Peerullah Hussaini Rahimaullah and their place of resting. May ALLAH help those who help me. My contact no. Is +919642441595. Please WhatsApp me if you know. Or let me know by finding from Sajjadah Nasheen of Dargah shareef.

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