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Jaganmohan Reddy Resigned

Kadapa:Kadapa MP Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy, son of former Chief Minister Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy, has announced his resignation as Member of Parliament from Kadapa constituency and from the Congress party. Jagan’s mother Vijayalakshmi has also resigned as member of the state assembly. As a mark of solidarity, the Kadapa District Congress Committee (DCC) president K. Suresh Babu, and all …

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INDIA TODAY Sensationalises Jagan’s heroism!

INDIA TODAY , India’s most popular political magazine has sensationalised YS Jagan’s heroism in its latest issue dated 6th december, 2010. The magazine filed a cover story on Jagan’s episode. Why has a first-time MP held the mighty Congress machinery to ransom for the last 14 months? Jagan Mohan Reddy, the son of late Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y.S. Rajasekhara …

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కడప ప్రాంత శాసనాలలో రాయలనాటి చరిత్ర!

విజయనగర చరిత్రలో కడప ప్రాంతానికి కూడా విశిష్టమైన స్థానం ఉన్నట్లు ఈ ప్రాంతంలోని వివిధ చోట్ల లభించిన శాసనాల వల్ల అవగతం అవుతోంది. విజయనగర సామ్రాజ్యంలో భాగమైన గండికోట సీమ, సిద్దవటం సీమ, ములికినాటి సీమ, సకిలిసీమ ప్రాంతాలలోని దేవాలయాలూ, బురుజులూ, శాసనాలూ, కైఫీయతుల ద్వారా కడప జిల్లా చారిత్రక విశేషాలు వెలుగుచూస్తున్నాయి.

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Kadapa to become Solar Energy hub?

Several organisations are coming forward to set up solar power plants at Pulivendula in Kadapa district. They have also applied to the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC) to set up solar plants in other areas of the district as it is suitable for solar power generation. Videocon has already submitted an application ...

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Gandi Kshetram – Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple

Gandi Anjaneya Swamy

The importance of the place is on account of the temple of Veeramjaneya swamy on the bank of river Papagni familiarly is known as Gandi anjaneya swamy temple. Gandi is the term used for a narrow passes between two hills and river Papagni flows through this Gandi or pass. Formerly it was called ‘Hiranyaghattam’. There is a dilapidated temple of ...

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29నుంచి పులివెందుల రంగనాథుని బ్రహ్మోత్సవాలు

పులివెందుల : పులివెందులలోని శ్రీరంగనాథస్వామి బ్రహ్మోత్సవాలు ఈ నెల 29 నుంచి ఫిబ్రవరి 6వ తేదీ వరకు జరుగుతాయని ఆలయ  ఈఓ జి.వి.రాఘవరెడ్డి తెలిపారు. ఫిబ్రవరి 2న గరుడ వాహన సేవ, 3న కల్యాణోత్సవం, 4న బ్రహ్మరథోత్సవం ఉంటాయన్నారు. తొలిరోజు పూజా కార్యక్రమాలతో ఉత్సవాలు ప్రారంభమవుతాయన్నారు. పగలు సూర్యప్రభ, రాత్రి చంద్రప్రభ వాహనాలపై స్వామి వారిని ఊరేగిస్తారన్నారు. 30వ తేదీన సింహావాహనం, 31న శేష వాహనంపై స్వామివారిని ఊరేగిస్తారు.

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bommireddy narasimha reddy

Padmabhushan Dr. Bommireddy Narasimha Reddy, popularly known as ‘BN Reddy’ holds a special place in the history of Telugu Cinema. He is the director who balances artistic values and business needs in the right proportion. A commemorative postal stamp on  BN Reddy was released by the Department of Posts, Government of India on the occasion of the Centenary Celebrations of Dr. …

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Tense Situation in Kadapa

KADAPA, Dec20: A tense situation prevailed on Sunday in Pulivendula and Kadapa where mobs protesting against the arrest and hospitalisation of Congress leader Y. S. Vivekandanda Reddy attacked public property on Saturday night causing a loss estimated by Inspector General of Police R. P. Thakur at Rs. 10 crore. Deploring the arrest of Mr. Reddy, younger brother of former Chief …

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Police arrested Viveka

KADAPA, 19th Dec’09: The five-day-old fast by Mr. Vivekananda Reddy, MLC, was foiled by the police who arrested and shifted him to Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences where he announced his decision to continue the fast and warded off doctors who tried to treat him. Condemning Mr. Reddy’s arrest, an all-party committee spearheading the united Andhra movement called for …

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