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Midhun Reddy Takes Oath as MP for Third Term in Parliament

Kadapa : P.V.Mithun Reddy, the YSR Congress MP candidate and close aide of Ex Chief Minister YSJagan from Rajampet, marked a significant milestone in his political career today (Monday) by taking the oath as a Member of Parliament for the third consecutive term. The oath-taking ceremony was held in the Lok Sabha, with the proceedings overseen by protem speaker Radha Mohan Singh.

Reddy’s re-election is a testament to his enduring popularity and effective representation of the Rajampet constituency. Known for his proactive approach to addressing local issues and his commitment to development, Reddy has garnered substantial support from his constituents.

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Protem Speaker Bhartruhari Mahtab administered the oath, emphasizing the importance of dedication and integrity in parliamentary duties.

In his brief address to Media, Mithun expressed his gratitude to the people of Rajampet for their unwavering support. “I am deeply honored and humbled by the trust placed in me by the people of Rajampet. I pledge to continue working tirelessly for the development of our region and the welfare of its residents,” he said. He reiterated his commitment to ensuring that the voices of his constituents are heard and represented effectively in Parliament.

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As a member of the YSR Congress Party, Mithun has been instrumental in advocating for policies that align with the party’s vision for inclusive growth and social welfare.

With this third term, Mithun Reddy solidifies his position as a prominent leader in Andhra Pradesh politics, poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of his constituency and beyond.

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