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Telugu Ganga Project in Kadapa District

The Telugu Ganga Project – now under construction is a diversion scheme from foreshore of N.S.R. Sagar project and is intended to supply 15 TMC of Krishna water to Chennai city for drinking purpose besides creating irrigation Potential of 5,75,000 acres (1.08 Lakhs acres in Kurnool Dist., 1.67 Lakhs acres in Kadapa District utilizing 29 TMC of Krishna Water through Velugodu Balancing Reservoir and S.P.V.B. Reservoir respectively and 0.46 Lakhs acres in Chittoor District and 2.54 Lakh Acres in Nellore District utilizing 30 TMCC of Pennar water through Kandaleru Reservoir). The Telugu Ganga Project Main canal from Km.98.260 to S.P.V.B. Reservoir intended to impound Subsidiary Reservoir-I, Subsidiary Reservoir-II and S.P.V.B. Reservoir and the canal from Subsidiary Reservoir-I to Pennar river intended to drinking water supply is situated falls in the Kadapa District.

The S.P.V.B. Reservoir with a storage capacity of 17 TMC is located near B.Mattam village in B.Mattam Mandal of Kadapa District and is envisaged to irrigate a total ayacut of 1,50,000 Acres in the Kadapa District and it is envisaged to generate 15 MW of Power at Subsidiary Reservoir-I while letting water into Chennamukkapalli canal which is intended to supply drinking water to Chennai city, besides irrigating an ayacut of 17,000 Acres in Duvvur, Mydukur and Khajipet Mandals.

The estimated cost of the total project is Rs.637 Crores (S.S.R. of 1983-84 year) and the revised cost is Rs.2735 Crores (SSR of 1997-98 year) as per the Project report 1998 the cost of the project works in the District is Rs.615.30 Crores. As on 31st January, 2004, total amount of Rs.304 Crores has been spent since inception on the project works in Kadapa District and an Irrigation Potential of 10,000 acres has been kept ready. The project is programmed to be completed by 2009-2010 subject to the availability of funds.


The total land to be acquired is 16004.75 acres and so far_______ acres is already acquired and the balanced is programmed to be acquired according execution schedule.

An amount of Rs.29.00 Crores is provided for works for the year 2003-04 to provide Irrigation potential to 15,000 acres and Irrigation potential kept ready for 10,000 acres.


Telugu Ganga Project is an inter-state project formulated to Irrigate 5.75 Lakh acres in drought prone areas of Rayalaseema and up lands of Nellore District besides conveying 15 TMC of Krishna waters to Chennai city. The cost of the Project as per original project Report was Rs.637 Crores. The cost per the latest Review Report with 1997-98 SSRs is Rs.2735 Crores. The project is cleared from Environmental and Forest angle.


The flood flows of river Krishna are proposed tobe diverted to S.P.V.B. Reservoir (17 TMC capacity) for Irrigation in Sagileru basin. Two subsidiary reservoirs viz., S.R-I (2.133 TMC) and S.R-II (2.444 TMC) are also proposed on T.G.P. Main canal. The self catchment of these reservoirs is very little and negligible. Water will be received from N.S.R. Project and stored in the reservoirs.


The scheme consists of 408 Km. long canal from N.S.R. Project to Andhra Pradesh-Tamil Nadu border with the following four balancing reservoirs.

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1. Velugodu Balancing Reservoir.
2. S.P.V.B. Reservoir.
3. Somasila Reservoirs.
4. Kandaleru Reservoir.

The ayacut proposed to be developed under this Project is as follows:

1. Kurnool District 1.08 Lakh acres under V.B.R.
2. Kadapa District 1.67 Lakih acres under V.B.R. & S.P.V.B.R.
3. Chittoor District 0.46 Lakh acres under Kandaleru Reservoir
4. Nellore District 2.54 Lakh acres under Kandaleru Reservoir.

The following component works of Telugu Ganga Project falls in the Kadapa District:

1.T.G.P. Main canala from Km.98.26 (Kurnool-Kadapa District Border) to Km.140.720 (S.P.V.B. Reservoir).

2.Formation of S.P.V.B.Reservoir near B.Mattam village.

3.Chennamukkapalli canal from Subsidiary Reservoir-I to Pennar River to facilitate conveyance of 15 TMC of drinking water up to Pennar river to join Somasila reservoir.

Branch canals and distributory system under S.P.V.B. Reservoir.


1)T.G.P. Maian canal from Km.98.260 to S.R-I:

The entire canal in the stretch is excavated and lined.

2)Subsidiary Reservoir-I:

Subsidiary Reservoir-I comprises Bund A&B. The works of Bunds are completed including construction of Head Regulator.

3)Link Canal between S.R-I & S.R.-II:

The length of Link Canal between S.R-I & S.R-II is 2.452 Km out of which the canal is excavated for entire stretch except at Surplus escape portion. Excavation of canal in the balance stretch is also taken up. Construction of Surplus weir at Km.0.415 and Regulator at Km.0.600 is under progress.

4) Subsidiary Reservoir-II:

Subsidiary Reservoir-II comprises Bunds-C & D. The works of Bund-C are completed and the works related to Bund-D are also completed except in the stream portion for 40m length. The balance works including protection works for Bund-D and construction of a Regulator and a Surplus weir are also under progress.

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5)T.G.P.Main canal from S.R-II to S.P.V.B. Reservoir:

The canal in this stretch is made through. Structures at Km.120.675 & Km.120.925 are under construction. Lining works are under progress is vulnerable reaches.

6) Formation of S.P.V.B. Reservoir:

Earth Dam in all four segments was completed. Civil works of Head sluices were also completed. Protection works in Lower gorge portion from ch.0.000 to ch.400m, erection of gates for Left side & Right side Head Sluices and construction of Surplus weir are the balance works to be taken up.

7)Chennamukkapalli canal from S.R-I to Pennar River:

Chennamukkapalli canal from S.R-I to Km.24.925 (Vakkileru) is excavated and lined. Works from Km.29.30 to Km.30.823 and from Km.31.577 to Km.37.65 where there is no land acquisition problem have also been taken up and completed.

8)Irrigation canals under C.M.P. Canal under S.R-I:

It is contemplated to create an irrigation potential for 15,000 acres in Kadapa District under Channamukkapalli canal through Blocks 40(A), 40(B), 42, 45 & 47 . The works are in progress.

9)Irrigation canals under S.P.V.B. Reservois:

Out of the total length of 152 Km of B. Sagar canals works were completed for a total length of 40 Kms.


An amount of Rs.287.97 Crores has been spent on T.G.P. works in Kadapa District since inception to the end of 1/04. An amount of Rs.29.00 Crores is allocated for the year 2003-04.

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