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Proposed New Terminal Building view of Kadapa Airport

Major Developments at Kadapa Airport to Elevate Regional Connectivity

Kadapa Airport is undergoing significant transformations with the introduction of a new terminal building and the completion of crucial development works. These enhancements are set to improve the passenger experience, increase operational capabilities, and facilitate regional economic growth.

New Terminal Building:

In a significant development,  Based Andhra Pradesh state government’s request to center, AAI came forward to expand Kadapa Airport. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently inaugurated the foundation of a new terminal at Kadapa Airport through a virtual ceremony. This Rs 266 crore project expands over 16,455 square meters and features state-of-the-art facilities such as 24 check-in counters and three aero bridges. It is designed to handle a peak hour capacity of 1,800 passengers and an annual footfall of approximately 25 lakh passengers.

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This expansion will support large aircraft, significantly boosting connectivity between Kadapa and major cities.

Completed Infrastructure Enhancements:

The airport has also seen the completion of vital infrastructure developments, including runway expansion, new taxiways, and additional parking lots, which now enable night landings. These enhancements are crucial for increasing the airport’s operational hours and flexibility.

Kadapa Airport

Future Prospects:

Plans are underway to establish a pilot training center at Kadapa Airport, which would be the first in the state. This center is expected to further Kadapa’s role in aviation education and training, aligning with broader efforts to expand aviation-related facilities in the region.

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These developments at Kadapa Airport underscore its strategic importance in enhancing air connectivity within Andhra Pradesh and driving regional economic growth. The ongoing expansion and modernization efforts are set to transform Kadapa Airport into a key hub in India’s aviation landscape.

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