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District and Sessions Judges
A group photo of Judges at District court Kadapa during 2017

District and Sessions Judges – Kadapa

List of  Judges who acted as District and Sessions Judges in District court of Kadapa from the year 1948.

Principal District and Sessions Judges - Kadapa District Court

                               Name of the Judge             Period
Sri A.M.R. DAYIDAR, M.A., B.L.,15-03-1948 12-01-1950
Sri K.N.R. RAJAGOPAL SASTRI, M.A., B.L.,31-01-1950 20-06-1950
Sri P. CHANDRA SEKHAR AYYER, M.A., B.L.,21-06-1950 10-04-1951
Sri C.D. THOLASIRAM MUDALIAR, B.A.,B.L.,11-04-1951 21-09-1951
Sri K.B. KRISHNA RAO NAIDU, B.A., B.L.,05-10-1951 19-10-1951
Sri M. KANNA BABU, B.A., M.L.,20-10-1951 17-01-1952
Sri C.R. VISWANATHA IYYER, B.A., B.L.,20-01-1952 18-04-1952
Sri E. KRISHNA MURTHY, M.A., B.L.,20-02-1952 19-03-1952
Sri C.S. CHOUDARI, B.A., B.L.,19-04-1952 28-06-1952
Sri P.A. NAZARETH, B.A., B.L.,07-07-1952 10-02-1954
Sri J. SAMBASIVA RAO CHOWDARI, B.A.,B.L.,11-02-1954 23-06-1955
Sri S. NARAYANA RAO, B.A., B.L.,29-06-1955 17-07-1957
Sri K. SUBRAMANYAM CHOWDARI, B.A.,B.L.,06-09-1957 15-03-1958
Sri C. SIVA RAO, B.A., B.L.,28-03-1958 14-12-1958
Sri B.S. RAMAMOHANARAO, B.A., Bar at Law06-02-1959 14-06-1962
Sri K. ABDUR RAHMAN KHAN, M.A., B.L.,27-09-1962 22-08-1965
Sri K. VENKATA RANGAYYA, B.A., B.L.,27-09-1965 25-03-1968
Sri N. SRIHARI RAO, B.A., B.L.,26-03-1968 25-04-1968
Sri B. RAMALAL KISHEN, LL.M., Bar at Law09-05-1968 26-06-1970
Sri K.H. BHUSHANA RAO, B.A., B.L.,27-06-1970 08-09-1971
Sri T.V. NARASIMHA RAO, B.A., LL.B.09-09-1971 13-07-1974
Sri R. NATESAN, B.A., B.L.15-07-1974 28-01-1976
Sri P. RAMAKRISHNA, M.A., B.L.,02-02-1976 14-08-1976
Sri G. RADHA KRISHNA RAO, B.Com., B.L.21-08-1976 12-05-1977
Sri A. SANJEEVA RAO, B.A., B.L.13-05-1977 23-05-1980
Sri I. PANDU RANGA RAO, B.A., B.L.24-05-1980 19-05-1982
Sri A. RANGANAYAKULU, B.A., B.L.07-06-1982 31-01-1983
Sri M. RANGA REDDY, B.A., B.L.,23-02-1983 19-05-1986
Sri A. VENKU REDDY, B.Sc., B.L.19-05-1986 05-06-1989
Sri VENKAT RAO, B.Sc., LL.B.,26-06-1989 05-04-1990
Sri K. MALLIKARJUNA RAO, B.A., B.L.06-04-1990 05-05-1993
Sri D. SUBRAMANYAM, B.Sc., B.L.,24-05-1993 05-05-1995
Sri NARAYAN CHAWLA, B.A., LL.B.12-05-1995 08-04-1996
Sri SYED ABDHULLAH, B.Sc., B.L.,12-04-1996 18-09-1997
Sri Y.V. RAMA KRISHNA, B.Sc., B.L.18-09-1997 18-04-1998
Sri D.S. PRASAD, B.Sc., B.L.,27-05-1998 07-05-1999
Sri S.L.S. AHAMAD, M.A., LL.M.19-06-1999 20-11-2000
Sri D. MOHANA RAO, B.Com., B.L.07-12-2000 30-09-2002
Sri T. LAKSHMANA RAO, B.A., LL.B.27-11-2002 20-07-2005
Smt.M. VIJAYALAKSHMI, M.A., B.L.,21-07-2005 03-10-2007
Kum.V.K. SARASWATHI, B.A., B.L.,07-11-2007 30-04-2008
Sri K.G. SHANKAR, B.Com., LL.M.,01-05-2008 12-11-2010
Sri B. SUDHEER KUMAR, B.Com., B.L.23-12-2010 to 31-05-2012
Sri SYED GHOUSE BASHA, B.Com., B.L.16-07-2012 to 31-01-2014
Sri N.RAGHAVA RAO, B.A., LL.B.20-02-2014 to 30-06-2016
Smt. SUNITHA GANDHAM, B.Com., LL.M.14-07-2016 to 02-03-2017
Sri G.Srinivas15-03-2017 to till date
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List of Judges who acted as District and Sessions Judges in district court, Kadapa from the year 1948.

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