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Yarraballi is a village in Kamalapuram Mandal of YSR District. Yaraballi is part of podadurthi Gram Panchayat. Principle occupation of the people is Agriculture.Yarraballi is near to Sangameswara temple

Yarraballi (Kamalapuram Mandal)

Yarraballi village is in Kamalapuram Mandal of YSR District. ear to Sangameswara temple. Sangameswra temple had built by SriKrishnadevaraya it is one of the historical place in YSR district.

Caste(s) : Reddy

No of Houses : 60

Population : 800

Temple(s) : Sangameswara temple

Gram Panchayat : Potladurthi

Crops Cultivated : groundnut,paddy,sunflower etc

Postal Address :

Yarraballi Village,
Kamalapuram Mandal

PIN Code : 516289

Surname(s) : nalavala

How to Reach Yaraballi :

Kamalapuram –> Peddachepalli –> Yarraballi

Information Provided by : Rajasekharreddy (+91-916048118)

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