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Rajampeta – A Major Town of YSR District

Rajampet, with a population of more than one lakh is the fourth largest town in the district. Rajampeta is located on Kadapa – Tirupati express highway at 14°11′00″N 79°10′00″E / 14.1833°N 79.1666°E / 14.1833; 79.1666.

Upgraded to MUnicipality

RajampetaIt was recently upgraded to a municipality from Panchayat. This is a MP Constituency as well as MLA Constituency. The town is having a railway station. 

Rajampet has an average elevation of 456 meters. It is situated on the left bank of the river Pullangi which flows into the Cheyyer four miles further north. It has an average elevation of 456 meters. It is situated on the left bank of the river Pullangi which flows into the Cheyyer four miles further north.

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On the other bank of the stream, opposite the town, is a hill called Kondur Tippa which bears traces of old fortifications. It is said to have been an outpost of some ruling chiefs, now spoken of as the Kondur rajas, who founded the adjoining town and called it Rajampet.

Historically there is nothing to relate of Rajampet. Its importance is of modern origin and dates from the opening of the Madras Railway some ninty four years ago, by which it received a great stimulus to trade and rapidly became the principal centre of distribution not only for Pullampet but for much of Sidhout and Rayachoti taluks. The transfer of the taluk office to Rajampet increased its importance, and it was constituted a union in l888.


It was made the headquarters of the division when the Sub-Collector’s bungalow and office are built during British regime.

A large weekly market is held every Wednesday. Weaving is the only industry that provides occupation to any considerable section of the population. Petty shopkeepers and traders, large and small, constitute the majority. The proportion of Musalmans is considerable in Rajampet and it is having one of the largest mosques in the district. Among the communities Komatis, Balijas & Reddis are large in proportion in Rajampet. Rajampet is having an Engineering college at Boyanapalli.

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