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Penna River
River Penna at Adinimmayapalli

Penna River

Name of the River : Penna or Pennar

Rises from : Chenna Kesava hills of the Nandi ranges of Karnataka

Outfalling into : Bay of Bengal (at a place called Utukuru, 15 km east of Nellore)

Principal tributaries : Jayamangal (Left side), Kunderu or Kundu (Left Side) , Sagileru (Left Side), Chitravati (Right Sode), Papagni (Right Side) and Cheyyeru (Right Side)

Length (in Km) : 597

Catchment Area ( : 55213

Average Water Resource Potential (MCM) : 6320

Utilizable Surface Water Resource (MCM) : 6900

Live Storage Capacity of Completed Projects (MCM) : 2809.00

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Live Storage Capacity of Projects Under Construction (MCM) : 440.0

Total Live Storage Capacity of Projects (MCM) : 3249.0

No. of Hydrological Observation Stations (CWC) : 8

No. of Flood Forecasting Stations (CWC) : 1


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