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Gonumakula palli village is located on the vempalli-yerraguntla road, at a distance of 15KMs from Vempalli Town. This village is walkable distance from verrapunayunipalli (approx.2km). Principle occupation of the people is agriculture. Majority of the population belong to Reddy Community. Govt school, anganvadi center, postoffice etc are located within the village.

Gonumakulapalli (Veerapunayunipalli Mandal)

This village was formed by the Narravula (narrala) family before independence. majority of them are Reddy.Once this was affected with faction many families lost their dear ones in the faction era.presently faction is very negligible maximum are farmers, very few job holders. Literacy is nearly 60%.

100% electrification, all pukka houses, full metal roads. Towards east, beautiful mountain range only in rainy season. very hot in summer, everything drys up even beautiful mountain. watchful in crop seasons. main farmings are groundnut,sunflower,jower,ragi etc..(these are rain dependent farmings. paddy is one of the main farmings were abundance of water available in rainy season.

This is upcoming village, recent development data shows how fast it is.

dear citizens i request if any data is incorrect/insufficient kindly send me the updates.

There exists an MPUP school & Post Office in this village.

Hindus (Reddy, Dudekula, Chakali, Mangali, Mala, Madiga, Sale, Vadde, Balija, Komati), Christians
Sree Rama Temple, Durgamma Temple
Groundnut,Sunflower, Ragi, Jower, Paddy (rainy season), lemon, Mango, Sweetlime, Saniga, Cotton,
Gonumakulapalli (Village & Post)
Veerapunayunipalli (mandal)
kadapa (District)
Reddys(Narravula etc..)

veerapunayunipalli (2-3km)& Vempalli(10-15km)
Vempalli –> Obulreddypalli, Nelatimmayapalli –> Gonamakulapalli
N V Pradeep kumar Reddy 9704555440,09650244540(std)

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