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Kadapa to Tirupati Train Timings

Kadapa to Tirupati train timings and details of trains. Distance between Kadapa and Tirupati. Timetable of trains in between Kadapa and Tirupati.

Tirupati Railway enquiry: 139

Tirupati station Code: TPTY (Tirupati), RU (Renigunta)

Kadapa Station Code: HX

Website for train ticket reservation:

Kadapa - Tirupati Trains

Train NoTrain NameTrain TypeDepartureArrivalTravel TimeFrequency
16353KCG NCJ EXPMAIL EXP00:10:0003:23:0003:13:00Thu
17420VASCODIGAMA EXPRESSMAIL EXP00:30:0003:40:0003:10:00Sat
17652KCG-CGL EXPMAIL EXP01:00:0003:30:0002:30:00Daily
16734RAMESWARAM EXPRESSMAIL EXP03:00:0006:08:0003:08:00Thu
12794RAYALASEEMA EXPRESSSUPERFAST03:30:0006:15:0002:45:00Daily
12797VENKATADRI EXPRESSSUPERFAST04:30:0007:07:0002:37:00Daily
17416HARIPRIYA EXPRESSMAIL EXP04:55:0008:00:0003:05:00Daily
11017Mumbai LTT - Karaikal Express (Weekly)MAIL EXP05:15:0007:45:0002:30:00Sun
17313Hubli - Chennai CentralEXP05:15:0007:45:0002:30:00Wed, Sat
11073Mumbai LTT - Chennai Central WeeklyExpress07:20:0010:00:0002:40:00Tue
11041MUMBAI CSMT -CHENNAI EXPMAIL EXP09:40:0012:45:0003:05:00Daily
19420ADI-CHENNAI EXPMAIL EXP11:40:0014:18:0002:38:00Thu, Sun
16381KANYAKUMARI EXPMAIL EXP12:00:0015:10:0003:10:00Daily
56012Kadapa (Cuddapah) - ArakkonaPASSENGER14:45:0017:5503:10:00Daily
17487HX-VSKP TIRUMALA EXPMAIL EXP17:05:0019:45:0002:40:00Daily
57273UBL-TPTY PASSPASSENGER17:35:0021:45:0004:10:00Daily
12708AP SAMPARK KRANTHISUPERFAST18:30:0021:50:0003:20:00Mon, Thu, Sat
17418SNSI-TPTY WEEKLY EXPMAIL EXP20:00:0023:15:0003:15:00Thu
11043Mumbai LTT - Madurai WeeklyExpress19:2521:3502:10:00Fri
11027CHENNAI MAILMAIL EXP20:55:0000:15:0003:20:00Daily
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