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Pallavolu is a village in Chapadu Mandal of YSR (Kadapa) District. It is situated on Proddutur - Mydukur Road, at a distance of 10KMs from Proddatur/Mydukur. It has a population of around 2000.

Pallavolu (Chapadu Mandal)

Pallavolu (Telugu: పల్లవోలు) is a village in Chapadu Mandal of YSR (Kadapa) District. It is located on Proddutur – Mydukur Road, at a distance of 10KMs from Proddatur. It comprises of several communities, of which Uppara (Sagara – whose traditional profession is salt making) community is majority in population.

Name of the village is related to Pallava kings dynasty.  CBIT & VBIT engineering colleges exists in this village.


There is a MP Elementary School and a Veterinary Hospital – Sub center exists in this village.Hindus (Sagara (uppara), eediga, Reddy, madiga, Chakali, Kamsali, Vysya, Mangali, Kummari, Brahmins and mala), Musilms, Christians
Sriramalayam,ankalamma temple,siva templeand church
Paddy,sugarcane,water melon and groundnut
Pallavolu Village
Chapadu Mandal,
Kadapa District
Late Venkatramaiah – Politics
Jayaramudu – Ex Sarpanch
balachendrayudu – Ex Sarpanch
D Ankayya – Rtd Head Master
Dr. Kataru Balaraju – Skin Specialist
Dr Vijaya Kumar – Homeopathy (Rtd Govt Doctor)
Kataru Ramanayya
M Ramanjaneyulu – Ex Sarpanch
D Ankayya – Ration Dealer
Mogili Narayana – Rtd Exceutive Officer (PanchayatRaj)
Uppara (Kataru,donadi,mogili, Majjaari, Nakka, Mallem) Ediga (Gandham)
Proddatur (10 KM)
Pallava vamsa namam (according to ‘OOrlu – Perlu’, a research guide (authored by Dr. Kethu Viswanatha Reddy) of Kadapa Village Names.

It is said that this place where the village now lies is only a part of big town during the times of Pa

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